The Bull Run is postponed until further notice. We have failed to get the major sponsor we needed to get the race up, so we must now do the right thing by runners and pull this event. With such a large hole in our budget ($100K), we would be forced to put on a sub-standard event, which is simply unacceptable.

We were close to pulling it off this year, but without a successful crowd-funding campaign and with not quite enough sponsor commitment, December 2013 is not possible.


We’d like to thank all those who supported the Pozible campaign and those who have forwarded our site and page to their friends to spread the word of this event.

And our massive thanks to those companies that did commit to sponsoring the event. Your time and consideration is most appreciated.

This decision is more disappointing for us, than for you, with so much work and money coming from Scotty Nathan and I to get it to this point.

Hopefully, sometime in the not too distant future, The Bulls Will Run…

Race Info

The Bull Run is separated into four categories.

THE FULL BULL – 75km for the Brave Bulls
THE MOORATHON – for the Marathon Lovers
HALF MARATHON - for the Sprint Bullievers

Race Info