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ANNOUNCEMENT – The Bull Run is postponed until further notice. We have failed to get the major sponsor we needed to get the race up, so we must now do the right thing by runners and pull this event. With such a large hole in our budget ($100K), we would be forced to put on a sub-standard event, which is simply unacceptable.

We were close to pulling it off this year, but without a successful crowd-funding campaign and with not quite enough sponsor commitment, December 2013 is not possible.

We’d like to thank all those who supported the Pozible campaign and those who have forwarded our site and page to their friends to spread the word of this event.

And our massive thanks to those companies that did commit to sponsoring the event. Your time and consideration is most appreciated.

This decision is more disappointing for us, than for you, with so much work and money coming from Scotty Nathan and I to get it to this point.

Hopefully, sometime in the not too distant future, The Bulls Will Run…

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Press Release: Pozible Campaign Launch


Press Release: The Bull Run 2013

Tristan Miller wants The Bull Run to lift the bar for marathon runners and has proposed a 75km course from the Yarra Valley to Melbourne. Finding traditional sponsors for a first-time event that is likely to cost $800,000 was proving difficult, so Tristan has turned to crowd-funding the event and in doing so is set to break an Australian record for the amount raised.

The Bull Run is the brainchild of Miller, who ran 52 Marathons in 52 Weeks across all 7 continents in 2010. Thousands of people followed his incredible year via regular videos and Facebook updates. In 2012, he translated his adventure into a book Run Like Crazy and is now a professional motivational speaker.

“I was inspired by great races around the world like Comrades in South Africa and the Boston Marathon to create an event in Australia of the same proportions. The Bull Run is my vision of a run that is worth putting on the bucket list”, says Miller.

He added, “The Bull Run will force individuals to push beyond the half marathon, beyond the marathon and do a full 75kms – though these other distances are included in the festival. The course goes through the beautiful wineries of the Yarra Valley, across the Christmas Hills, then downhill all the way to Melbourne’s CBD. It’s going to be tough, but gee, what an adventure?!”

“The Bull Run will be on the 8th of December 2013 (pending funding) and will be facilitated by the same events company that organise the Moomba Parade and Run For The Kids, ensuring this will be a running festival like no other.”

“The Bull Run has a different story to most runs that are professionally organised both here and abroad. We’re asking runners to say ‘We Want This!’ and then we’re banking on sponsors to come aboard as they recognise the popularity of the event.”

The Bull Run requires $400,000 by June 30th in order to close the roads to the course and thus open registrations to runners. Miller is hoping to raise 50% of the funds needed via the crowd and 50% from runner registrations.

CEO of Pozible Rick Chen says of this campaign, “In order for The Bull Run campaign to be successful, it requires unprecedented corporate and sponsor involvement in a crowd-funding campaign, but I think brands are ready to take this on because of the low-risk nature of pledging to the all or nothing target.

If a brand gets on board, they will only have to pay if the event is going to be successful and if the event is going to be successful, then it’s a good investment of the marketing dollar”.

Tristan Miller says of the process of crowd funding, “Even putting the campaign together has been fun.  We have some great rewards from 3 actual Bulls to official training shirts, early bird registrations for the full 75kms, marathon and half-marathon and once in a lifetime experiences.”

For more information on the campaign, visit

Call us: 03 9028 5528
email us:
tweet us @TheBullRun
join our FB page
Skype us: TheBullRun


Interviews with Tristan Miller can be arranged by calling 03 9028 5528.

Interviews with Pozible CEO Rick Chen can be arranged by calling Reuben Acciano at 0424 089 620

Further Information

Please contact us for further information or quotes.  Tristan is an experienced interviewee having handled TV, Radio and video since 2010 when he ran 52 Marathons in 52 Weeks and wrote the book Run Like Crazy.

Call us: 03 9028 5528

email us:
tweet us @TheBullRun
join our FB page
Skype us: TheBullRun

About Pozible

Pozible is Australia’s premier crowdfunding platform. It’s the third biggest in the world overall, with a higher project success rate than most competitors (currently ~55%).

Launched in 2010, Pozible is now three years old and has raised AUD $10 million+ in funding from 89 countries for projects from Australia and all over the world.

Pozible pioneered matched-crowdfunding in Australia in a landmark partnership with ScreenWest in 2012 that delivered AUD $150,000 to independent WA film-makers by matching every dollar pledged by the public to eligible projects with $3 from ScreenWest.

Pozible’s largest project was the first-person-real-life-zombie shooter game Patient Zero (by IRL Shooter) and raised AUD$243,000+.

Pozible General Info

  • Pozible now third biggest crowdfunding site globally
  • Still claiming highest overall project success rate – 55%
  • 3200+ projects hosted
  • Pledges accepted from 89 countries
  • Rapid growth rate – 10K+ supporters/month

World’s firsts include: 

  • Highest ever crowdfunded music video (Twelve Foot Ninja – 50K+)
  • 1st ever Private crowdfunding campaigns functionality – discrete, controlled
  • 1st Ambassador Network linking 60 experienced crowdfunders with new projects
  • 1st ever matched funding with government, philanthropic organisations (Screen West 2012/ Underbelly Arts 2013)



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Mammoth Multi-Marathon Comp

Howdy Stampeders!!

This is your opportunity to use your marathon times to win prizes. You’ll need to clock up 3 marathons to enter, but you can submit the times of these races to the RunLikeCrazy Leaderboard.


  • 3 marathons between September 1, 2012 and August 31, 2013
  • Fastest cumulative marathon time wins
  • Do as many marathons as you like, just replace your slowest marathon time with your new record
  • Male and Female division
  • Winners will receive $2500 travel expenses to come to Melbourne and run The Bull Run, 1st December 2013!
  • Top 5 in each category will get free entry to The Bull Run
  • Top 10 will win RunLikeCrazy Singlets and “Run Like Crazy” the book


Here’s the link - COMPETITION

Please check it out and enter!!


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Pre Registration Open!


Pre Registration for The Bull Run is now open!

The Bull Run is set to be the biggest ultra marathon in Australia by participation!

It’s 75km from the Yarra Valley Race Course in Yarra Glen, all the way to the Alexandra Gardens in Melbourne’s CBD.

You can register your interest online early for a special Raging Bulls pack.

For more info


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