The Race


The Bull Run is set to be the biggest road race in Australia! We are creating a race that is the next big step after conquering your fears to nail your 1st, 5th or 10th marathon. We’re going to take running to a whole new level in Melbourne, by providing a course that will be punishing, but will reward the brave!

It’s 75km from the Yarra Valley Race Course in Yarra Glen, all the way to the Alexandra Gardens in Melbourne’s CBD.


Full Bull

Some of you are ready to go the distance.. For that, we raise the red rag and salute you! You are the Raging Bulls!

75km: Yarra Glen to Warrandyte to Kew Boulevard to Melbourne CBD.



Some of you want the thrill, without the whole 75km price tag. We’ve broken the race into 3 significant sections so you can tackle the race in a relay with friends. The 3 distances are as follows:

33 km: Yarra Glen to Warrandyte
21 km: Warrandyte to Kew
21 km: Kew to the CBD

This relay will be held in conjunction with the full distance. Each runner will carry their team timing chip and will change over at the “Bull Pen” transition areas.


There will be many Marathon Fanatics, who just want to go faster than they’ve ever gone before.. This is a reasonably flat track, with only a few undulations that will hinder your progress. Set your sights high and fire up your engines!

42.2 km: Warrandyte to Kew Boulevard to Melbourne CBD.


Half Marathon

If you want it short and sweet, then lock yourself in for the slickest half marathon in Melbourne. You’ll have the glory of running into the city, with the masses cheering your arrival!

21.1 km: Kew Boulevard to Melbourne CBD.


Get your Early Bull entry to the race by pledging your support in this Pozible crowd funding campaign. If we don’t hit our fundraising target by June 30th, then you get your money back!

Help us make the race happen by pledging your entry and then tell your mates!!



DEC 8th, 2013:
Set for the week of Summer 2013, this is your opportunity to bring the season in with a absolute BANG!! So lift up, feel the rage and Go Big For Summer!!


There will be strict time restraints on this race, as a result of the sheer magnitude of this operation. Start times and cut-offs are as follows:

Start: 7am
Cut-off Bull Pen 1: 11am
Cut-off Bull Pen 2: 2pm
Finish Max: 5pm



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